Wet Rot and Woodworm

Wet Rot requires a high moisture content within timber, usually in excess of 60% and is likely to occur over a lengthy period of time. Whilst some of the visible symptoms of both Dry Rot and Wet Rot are similar, the treatments required are vastly different. Woodworm is a destructive beetle that attacks most timber with the Common Furniture Beetle and Wood Boring Weevil being the most commonly found, although only one of these require chemical treatment applications. Ensure you have a suitably qualified surveyor identify and explain the difference to you and avoid unnecessary works

The hyphal strands in Wet Rot are not as structurally destructive as Dry Rot and whilst it is always advisable to have a qualified surveyor inspect damage to property, you may not require fungicidal or biocidal treatments.

Wet Rot always requires a high level moisture source and some wet rots may result in bleaching of the wood; this is most common in exposed timbers whereby wood eventually loses its strength and in some situations may become dangerously unsafe. Always engage a suitably qualified surveyor to inspect timber decay and identify the difference between various problems. B.C. Associates will only recommend chemical treatments as a last resort in line with our environmental policies

Where structural timbers are damaged irreparably, we will design a method statement and site specific work programme to ensure all works are carried out to the highest standard. Where applicable and if necessary, we will recommend reputable partners to carry out demonstrably linked works to compliment specifications as agreed with clients. Always seek a professional diagnosis and treatment and where possible, use a professional, suitable qualified, competent surveyor.

B. C. Associates(North-East) employ CSRT and CSSW qualified surveyors for all specified remedial treatments and recommendations. In addition, all of our partners are members of all relevant professional bodies and long-term guarantees are available where applicable. Please ask about qualifications.

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