​Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans) is a destructive, invasive fungus that is created by circumstances normally unseen and can cause severe damage to buildings and contents alike. Ensuring Dry Rot is successfully removed is a complex and invasive job that BC Associates have been carrying out from start to finish for many years. All services, including ancillary works can be carried out professionally and without the client’s need to engage the services of lists of trades. Our one-stop-shop approach removes the difficulty of contending with the need to programme works for numerous trades and delivers the work when you want it at a time that suits your requirements

​Wet rot always requires a moisture source and some wet rots may result in bleaching of the wood; this is most common in exposed timbers whereby wood eventually loses its strength and in some situations may become dangerously unsafe. Always instruct an experienced surveyor to specify treatments where timber decay exists. This may simply require timber replacements and will not always involve the use of a chemical application

Where structural timbers are damaged irreparably, we will design a method statement and site specific work programme to ensure all works are carried out to the highest standard. Where applicable and if necessary, we will recommend reputable partners to carry out demonstrably linked works to compliment specifications as agreed with clients


Damp Course Failure is often misdiagnosed by those within an industry that chooses to identify work as opposed to those who look to rectify problems. Rising Damp, whilst not rare, requires ground conditions and circumstances that would allow capillary action to permeate masonry over a long period of time. BC Associates pride themselves on identifying problems and offering genuine solutions where required and not trading on people’s fears of what might be breaking down the integrity of a building

Cellar Conversion (Waterproofing) is a very popular way to utilise an otherwise unused and often unusable space to create living areas which are often as large as the footprint of the total house. Converting a space underneath your home does not require planning permission and our experience of subterranean conversions has created large living areas, often at a fraction of the cost of a rebuild or extension project

Saunas can be created in an unused space and are frequently formed in areas from outhouses to bedrooms. A space that can be transformed into a place of tranquillity within the home can prove priceless when yearning for relaxation and can be designed and installed at a very reasonable price to suit all budgets and needs

Soundproofing an area to enable certain activities to be carried out can ensure rooms can be effectively secluded without the need to undertake extensive refurbishment or rebuild projects. Some properties have had rooms converted to small recording studios or theatre-style rooms whereby children can have friends round and make as much noise as they want without upsetting neighbours or family

Stabilisation Works are often identified as a result of severe or dangerous issues raised pertaining to the building fabric. BC Associates has a wealth of experience, including access to structural engineers and construction teams able to cope with the most complex of problems and deliver a quality service at affordable rates to ensure the reliability of your property is not compromised. Wall ties replacement and stabilisation of solid construction buildings is paramount in ensuring reliability of any masonry structure

General maintenance/Condition Surveys ​of properties is essential to the wellbeing of any home and BC Associates has decades of experience of this type of work advising and carrying out day to day as well as programmed maintenance. We will be happy to carry out condition surveys and our 25 point maintenance report covers most domestic dwellings offering you peace of mind for years to come

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