Cellar Conversion/Waterproofing

If you are considering turning an existing uninhabitable basement or cellar into a habitable room then you should have an experienced surveyor advise you on best available options. B.C Associates have been operating in the construction industry since 1976 and CSSW qualified surveyors are now based in the North-East of England.

​Uninhabitable parts of your property can be converted into a dry environment living space at a fraction of the cost of a new-build/conversion and usually without the need to apply for planning permissions. We will advise you from the very beginning on what is the best method of alteration and structural waterproofing design for your basement or cellar or on any aspect regarding change of use and development of living space. We have vast experience of designing systems and working hand in hand with engineers to accommodate your needs

Basement areas are often wasted space and our gallery sections of this website identifies all available options including:


Energy Efficiency
Modular Space Management​

Historically, there are two basic systems available for use and design of a living space where underground flooding may occur. B.C.A will advise and design your positive or negative system to match your requirements and will take account of local ground conditions and likelihood of future flood damage. These systems should always allow for a worst-case scenario and where possible, specifications should be based on the likely occurrence of deteriorating conditions in any movement of the variable water table at your property. Spaces such as the enclosed picture shows where flooding occurs regularly can be converted into useful living space

Studded membrane and multi-coat render systems are most frequently used to convert wet, unusable space into additional living space and we offer full and comprehensive applications to best utilise your rooms to their best effect. Our experienced surveyors will advise you not only on functional requirements in line with BS8102, but we will recommend usage based on years of experience in designing areas historically classed as ‘wasted space’.

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